Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos!

I'd like to give a big WELCOME to everyone reading my blog right now! I hope you enjoy the artful content I plan to write about which includes interior design, architecture, photography, traveling, fashion, and many more fun topics! A little about me, I am a 25 year old currently dwelling in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. I moved out here a little more than a year ago from Kansas City, Missouri and it really has been a life changing experience. I can't say I'm officially a "city girl" yet but I definitely feel a change in me that embraces city life. I'm no fan of this weather but the excitement for architecture and design in Chicago makes me thrilled to be here! My current occupation is centered around design but as an artistic person at heart, I love immersing myself in different types of artistic endeavors. As an interior designer, I would say my signature aesthetic is a mixture of modern monochromatic and scandinavian. I truly believe everything is in the details and that less is truly more.


Au revoir!